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About the Course
Where will a course happen?

  • The course usually happens in Europe, North or South America at the city the client chooses. Arrangements can be made if you live in Asia or Australia. It is up to the client to choose a place that suits his or her needs and complies with the minimum requirements we need.


When will a course happen?

  • At the date that best fits the client's needs. We do not mix people that does not know each other. Instead, we schedule the course as per client's instructions.


About fees, expenses and payment

How much should I pay for the course?

  • The pricing page lists all the details. Besides the price of the Brainwave, the first person pays EUR 6,000 and each additional family member pays EUR 2,000 up to six people. If you are a company, the price is EUR 6,000 per person (from two up to six people) and one Brainwave Optical-Acoustical device is included as courtesy.


How much should I pay for the Brainwave System II?

  • The pricing page lists all the details. The Brainwave System II Optical-Acoustical device is sold for EUR 3,000. At least one must be ordered for each course. You can buy additional devices (no more than one for each participant) before or after the course. The EEG-Neurofeedback device (Optional purchase) cost is EUR 6,000 for the MindMedia Nexus-4. All software are included.


Which expenses do you refer to in your pricing page?

  • These expenses depend on the dates and place chosen. They are a compound of:



If your schedule is flexible enough, the fight cost will be Alphalearning's responsibility (Europe, North and South America only). Flexible means that the flights will be scheduled early, probably in connection with other course, out of that extreme high seasons (Christmas, New Year, national holidays) and matching the dates with a reasonable price. If your dates are not flexible, it is more likely that you will prefer to buy the tickets or send your own transportation.


It works in the same way as the flights, being usually Alphalearning's responsibility to accommodate its representatives. They will arrive one day prior to the course and will leave one day after its last day.

Conference room:

It is the client's responsibility to book the conference room for the course. Usually a good option is to book it in the same hotel your instructors will be staying. Conference facilities require a minimum of 50 square meters for a course of 3-4 participants. Audio/visual equipment for HDMI computers, projector and Flip chart are also required. The details will be agreed between the client and the Alphalearning beforehand.


Which means of payment will be available?

  • We will inform and arrange the details after your contract, as it depends on the country you live in.

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