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Brainwave System II

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The Brainwave System II is the evolution of a system that revolutionizes the way to achieve human potential. It is composed of an Optical-Acoustical device and a Neurofeedback device, with their respective software.


The Optical-Acoustical Device holds 32 LEDs to maximize the effect with minimal power, thus providing complete safety to the eyes. The cycles per second (Hertz) are computer controlled, ensuring the necessary precision to training and customer safety. They are fully adjustable for comfort and efficiency.
The software allows viewing of the screen throughout the training process. It has menus to control intensity settings, sound modelling, left / right balance and several other features to better fits the needs of each client. The software allows an unlimited number of new programs, of any length, in addition to editing existing ones. While allowing wide configuration, it has internal protection to prevent the generation of frequencies that would be harmful to health.


In 2014, we started working with MindMedia, a worldwide reference in neurofeedback equipment. The Nexus-4 allows the customer to use the equipment with total freedom of movements, as it is fully portable and uses wireless Bluetooth communication with the computer. With BioTrace+ software you can easily measure EEGs in real time, without any delay, can run a complete analysis and practice your skill to enter and stay in the desired brain frequency. This practice is carried out with different themes and approaches, ranging from graphic displays for clinical use to animations, games and more.

The Brainwave S
ystem II uses two computers. One controls the neurofeedback while the second computer controls the Optical-Acoustical device. You can learn here about the minimum system requirements.


The Brainwave System was created to teach the brain how to behave in the same way of the "super high performance" people's brain in the performance of various artistic, sporting, academic, scientific and business activities. Explore the links below to see the details of how this process was envisioned and how it is used in practice.

Introduction to Brainwave System

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